About Us

Oxford Enhanced Medical Limited is a spin out company formed to exploit a new medical imaging technology arising from research at the University of Oxford.

The Vision

Our vision is to create a new imaging technology which delivers a relatively low cost diagnostic electromagnetic imaging capability to a wider community than currently achieved. We aim to give those communities access to high quality innovative medical diagnostic capabilities, high quality imaging and tissue characterisation at an economic cost.

The EMA device is physically comparable in size and weight to an Ultrasound transducer and has the potential to be fully integrated into mobile technology offering an extremely powerful tool in the imaging field being portable, safe and robust.

EMA has the promise to offer a lightweight handheld device with a wide range of diagnostic possibilities. Physical contact between the transducer and the patients skin is needed (as in traditional Ultrasound) but a high resolution electromagnetic image of the tissue can be obtained. Tissue types can be distinguished quickly and safely.

EMA image

False colour EMA image of region of injected saline solution in kidney